FSC Elects New Board

Gretchen Gallen
CANOGA PARK, Calif. – The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) announced seven new board members this week who will carry the free speech torch for the next two-year term.

XBiz caught up with FSC Executive Director Kat Sunlove just as she was just returning from the Adult Entertainment Expo for a few words on this new era for free speech.

"It's a pretty exciting time for the Free Speech Coalition," she told XBiz. "I had an opportunity to speak at the trade shows with some of the new members and I am really excited about the new ideas and new energy that they have for the work ahead of us."

According to Sunlove, more than 200 ballots were cast in the election last month for a list of 10 candidates.

The new board members include Kim Airs, of sex boutique Grand Opening; Joan Irvine, executive director of Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP); Julie Stewart, a principle founder of fetish company SportSheets; Sid Grief, owner of AAA News; William Murphy, of Fair Villa Video; and Adam Glasser, producer for Maxwell Productions.

According to the FSC, Nick Orlandino of Pipedream Products will serve as a returning board member.

"I am excited to be selected to serve as an FSC board member," Joan Irvine told XBiz. "It is important for the various segments to contribute their thoughts and time to the future direction of the FSC and the industry, especially during this critical time. FSC has been on the ASACP Advisory Council since it was established last year and this has proven to be very beneficial."

The new board members will make their debut at the FSC's general membership meeting on Friday, Jan. 23, where members can meet the new board members and acquaint themselves with some of the pressing issues facing the FSC at this time.

Attorney's Ira Rothken of Ira P. Rothken Law Firm, and Jon Leader of Leader, Kozmor, Macian will speak before the meeting on various issues facing online adult companies.

"I congratulate each and every one of the new members and I hope they are willing and able to take on the task of rebuilding the Free Speech Coalition," said Greg Dumas, FSC board member and sales and marketing director for xxxpassporte. "We really need to make the FSC bigger, stronger, and faster."

The FSC's existing board of directors includes Jeffrey J. Douglas, a criminal defense lawyer; AVN Senior Editor Mark Kernes; Chicago First Amendment attorney Reed Lee; Micheal Ocello, president of ACE; Mara Epstein with Mile High Media; and Nick Boyias, owner of Marina Pacific.