Hypnotic Dreams Releases 'Trance Junkie'

MICHIGAN — Hypnotic Dreams, creators of erotic audio stories, has released 'Trance Junkie', a hardcore fetish story using hypnotic suggestion.

The company said the new release was crafted at the request of female audience, who wanted more fantasies involving humiliation and control. 'Trance Junkie' entangles the listener in a deep fantasy of sexual submission, obedience training, and public exhibition.

"Quite a bit of erotic hypnosis has evolved through the BDSM community," said Daniel A, Hypnotic Dreams' creator and author.

"A portion of our market came from women who fantasize about submission and surrender. It's a safer way to satiate a fantasy without having to subject yourself to strangers or revealing your sexuality to those around you, especially if you are already in a vulnerable position."

An audio sample of 'Trance Junkie' is available here.