Jet Set Men Releases 'Hung Like Hayden'

Lyla Katz
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jet Set Men has announced the release of "Hung Like Hayden," a collectors edition of performer Hayden Stephens.

The company said that the Jet Set Men exclusive has been prolific performer in recent years with his roles in releases such as “CarJackers,” "PizzaBoy Gangbang” and his mainstream acknowledgment in “Jersey Score,” which was featured on CNN and TMZ.

“A porn model like Hayden Stephens is the perfect package, iconic good looks, massive cock and love for versatile sex what more could you ask for,” director Chris Steele said.

"Hung Like Hayden" features three hours of eight performers engaging in eight various sex scenes.

“I love sex no matter the place or time if he gets my big dick hard I will probably fuck it,” Stephens said.

Other performers include Landon Mycles, Dylan Roberts, Beau Marcus, Dean Phoenix, John Magnum, Spencer Whitman and Jason Adonis.