Adult DVD Empire Seeks U.S. Patent for New Programs

Kat Khan
WARRENDALE, Pa. — Adult DVD Empire has announced “MyFlix,” the latest enhancement to its pay per minute video-on-demand program designed to be used in conjunction with "MyClips" that the company launched in October 2005. Both technologies were officially registered with the U.S. Patent Office on Jan. 18.

“MyClips" enables users to select and save customized clips of video and store them in the customer's account section for easy access upon future viewings, eliminating the need to search through content upon subsequent viewings.

Developed to enhance the pay per minute customer's experience, "MyFlix" also enables customers to create custom streaming videos that contain their favorite video content saved in their "MyClips" library.

"Our customer experience is second to none," Adult DVD Empire Director of Adult Operations Mike Barry said. "We want customers to enjoy our entire library of content. However, when they find something they like, they shouldn't have to waste their 'paid for' minutes finding that specific content all over again. With more than 14,000 streaming titles available, ‘MyFlix’ can be quite a time saver."

The new technology comes after six months of development and beta testing, with additional features set to launch including the use of tagging, “MyClips” sharing, public “MyFlix” content and the use of RSS feeds.