Sweet Sinner Unveils Sequel to 'The Teacher'

MONTREAL — “The Teacher: Volume 2” from Sweet Sinner has arrived on DVD.

Sweet Sinner, Mile High Media’s couples-friendly studio, features real lovemaking and real orgasms. Temptation is abundant in “The Teacher: Volume 2," as Professor Tommy Gunn tries to resist hot coeds Courtney Page and Jessie Andrews. The movie’s honor roll cast also includes Raylene, Nica Noelle and Wolf Hudson in some wild, after-school activities. Sweet Sinner invites women, men and couples to get educated with “The Teacher: Volume 2."

The trailer for Sweet Sinner’s “The Teacher: Volume 2” can be viewed here.

More information, including the box art for “The Teacher: Volume 2” can be found here.

In the movie, Gunn's character finds it difficult to fight the advances of hot, young students, like bubbly blonde Jessie. t seems they all want to do a little extra for the professor to secure an "A+". Making matters worse, his gorgeous wife Raylene is more than a little suspicious of what goes on behind his classroom doors. When she comes to the school to check up on Tommy, Raylene instead finds Dean Noelle engaged in an afternoon tryst with young rebel Wolf. Will Professor Gunn's wife succumb to the pleasures of forbidden sex with the young stud and stuffy, older woman? “The Teacher: Volume 2” is written and directed by Nica Noelle.

“I knew ‘The Teacher 2’ was going to be a fun, sexy movie, so I wrote a part for myself,” Noelle said. “The scene between Wolf, Raylene and I was explosive. Wolf and I have been close friends for over a year but we had never had sex until that day. We were relating as man and woman rather than just friends. It was powerful. And I’ve always wanted to have sex with Raylene but the reality was even better than my fantasy. There’s something extremely magnetic and powerful about teachers and the cast and I were able to capture that mentally and sexually.”