Adult Store Launches Pre-Trial Radio Campaign

WICHITA, Kansas — Priscilla's Adult Store has launched a radio campaign in response to months of battles with anti-pornography proponents, ever since a local group gathered enough signatures to land the store in court on community-supported obscenity charges.

“Priscilla's is the place where fun and fantasy meet,” say the ads, which have begun popping up repeatedly on local radio stations.

Priscilla’s ad campaign is no doubt in response to local anti-pornography group Operation SouthWind, which was instrumental in getting a Sedgwick County grand jury to indict Priscilla’s Owner Robert Floyd in October for an oral sex video sold at his store on the grounds that it promoted obscenity.

A trial is scheduled for Feb. 27.

Earlier this month, Operation SouthWind conducted another signature drive in the hopes of getting another grand jury to look at the rest of Priscilla’s inventory, as well as consider potential obscenity violations by seven of the city’s 15 adult stores.

At the same time, local law enforcement raided several stores that sell adult videos in the area, confiscating several thousand videos as evidence.

“This obviously was brought about by a group of people in the community who don't trust adults to make good decisions about what to view or not to view, so they want to tell us what to view or not to view,” Floyd’s attorney, Steve Joseph, said. “It is the same group of so-called Christians that want to dictate moral standards to everyone in the community that are forcing this issue.”

Sheriff Chuck Wright only would tell XBiz that the investigation was “ongoing.”