3D Mansion Unveils Its 3D Catalog

CYBERSPACE — 3D Mansion has launched its new adult entertainment catalog in 3D HD with more than 25 movies available to VOD service providers or to broadcasters.

With more than 30 years of adult and 3D experience, the company has developed its own 3D stereoscopic modules.

"I was speechless when I saw 3D Mansion images," said Vincent Gresser, Colmax vice president of sales.

"Those movies can be viewed on 3D PC or 3D TV and can be delivered in multiple formats according to the operator's specifications."

3D Mansion distributes its catalog through Colmax in France and through Kudeta in Benelux and Germany.

Colmax and Kudeta said they were looking for 3D content when they met with 3D Mansion.

"For the first time, 3D technology brings real added value to the content with a great immersive experience for the audience," Kudeta's CEO said.

3D Mansion focuses all its production in 3D only.

"We are constantly innovating and investing in new 3D modules to improve the 3D effects," said Tom Duncan, 3D Mansion's vice president of sales.

Duncan will be the speaker on the "3D - A brand new beginning for the Content Industry" panel at the Barcelona Summit on Feb. 19.

3D Mansion plans to unveil its 3D Adult Entertainment Content catalog at the summit.

To book a meeting email tom@3d-mansion.com.