CamWorld, Wasteland Partner for WastelandLive

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — During an intimate dinner at the Sofitel Hotel’s swanky Simon LA restaurant last week at XBIZ LA, two of the industry’s biggest players — founder Dan Hogue and Wasteland CEO Colin Rowntree — shook hands in a partnership that binds two historic online adult brands in the formation of

Mike M, marketing and affiliate manager for CamWorld's DateCamCash affiliate program said he approached Rowntree during an XBIZ LA meet & greet event, and is pleased that the deal came to fruition with WastelandLive's official launch.

"I knew it would be beneficial for both companies to join together," Mike said.

Last year, Hogue — who’s been active in online adult since 1998 — reintroduced CamWorld (formerly with major upgrades. Wasteland has been delivering world-class BDSM erotica since 1994 and is renowned for its sales-friendly, high-art approach to BDSM, fetish and niche content.

“Frankly, I would have partnered with Dan 10 years ago if he had enough fetish models to book 24-7 availability for performers that are skilled in the ‘darker side of desire,’ as it were,” Rowntree said. “But, along with his new platform, also came a new wave of fetish performers that are a perfect fit for Wasteland.”

Rowntree said that over the years, Wasteland tried a parade of other chat providers and even “do-it-yourself” live chat, but was only met with providers that just didn't "get it" when it comes to offering BDSM and fetish players.

“Right out of the starting gate, Dan's platform will provide a visually seamless live chat experience that matches the Wasteland member area, with all of its artistic and eccentric charm that we've developed over the years,” Rowntree said. “And, shortly thereafter, the platform's API will allow us to fully integrate it into our billing platform and affiliate program, enabling us to add this to our full repertoire of offerings for affiliates and B2B partnerships with other companies.”

The partnerships means Wasteland performers will be set up as CamWorld performers, utilizing the company’s white label cam system that will allow for seamless integration into the Wasteland members/free areas as well as allow for the cross promotion of other properties.

“With our new exclusive White Label Generator Wasteland and Colin will have the ability to on-the-fly manage the ad spots and/or trades to make his cam system more effective for all of his properties and traffic management,” Hogue said.

CamWorld’s stable of “alternative” performers has grown significantly, and along with its growth in traffic from other niche partnerships, Hogue said Wasteland is destined to benefit from effective and improved conversions and retention.

“Folks from our kinky community are a bit different from mainstream porn surfers,” Rowntree said. “It has a lot more to do with the erotic power exchange dynamics between people than it has to do with basic sexual interaction. From what I've seen of Dan's new performer offerings, they have a good grip on this, and on a platform that is robust, interactive and highly engaging.”

The new partnership further strengthens CamWorld’s position in the online BDSM/fetish community.

“Wasteland is the largest and oldest fetish/BDSM site on the net and we are honored to be working with Colin for whom I have utmost respect for,” Hogue said. “It really solidifies a good position for CamWorld. With other strategic partnerships, including Clips4Sale and others, we look forward to continued growth in this market.

“On the personal side I am a fan of quality people in this industry and Colin is an icon in this industry who is well-respected and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”

Coincidentally, Hogue and Rowntree both received distinguished honors at the 2011 XBIZ Awards — Hogue was awarded Industry Pioneer — which was presented by Rowntree no less, who went on to receive the FSC Leadership Award, in addition to accepting the Specialty Site of the Year award for

“I am thrilled to have received the award and to have Colin presenting was icing on the cake,” Hogue said. “I have had a great deal of respect for Colin and Wasteland for many years and it is an honor just to have him call me a friend. To work with him is a joy I have looked forward to it for some time.”