Bluebird Films Wins 2 XBIZ Awards

VENICE, Calif. — Bluebird Films received top honors at the XBIZ Awards, winning two trophies.

Director Nicholas Steele clinched the Director of the Year award for "Batfxxx: Dark Night."

“I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Steele said.

“And it’s really satisfying to put together my experience with new technology and fresh concepts in projects that are not only up to my own high standards, but also appreciated by critics and fans alike. I am very grateful to have the best owner in the business in Paul Chaplin.”

After winning a second award for Best Special Effects, studio directors Martha Washington and Marc Twain expressed their thanks to everyone who contributed to the extensive work on the title.

Steele is currently working on Bluebird’s “Seductions” line from the archives of Nicholas Steele Productions, commencing with the release of "Dirty Little Secrets."