Axel Braun Receives 'Elvis' Threat

LOS ANGELES — Director Axel Braun received a death threat last week from an Elvis Presley fan who feels that Braun's porn movie "Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody" is disrespectful to the so-called King of Rock 'n Roll.

Written, produced and directed by Braun for Axel Braun Productions and distributed exclusively by Vivid Entertainment, "Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody" was released nationwide on Jan. 8, the anniversary of Elvis' birthday.

The threat was in the form of a handwritten note stuck on the driver's side window of one of Braun's cars, and stated: "YOU WILL DIE SOON YOU PIECE OF TRASH. JESSE KNOWS!!! AND HE IS COMING FOR YOU." The reference to "Jesse" is an allusion to the belief by some that Elvis Presley actually faked his own death, and has been living under the identity of his deceased twin brother.

Braun's vehicle, easily identifiable by a personalized license plate with his name on it, was parked in a Gelson's parking lot in Tarzana. The anonymous note was only the most troubling message in addition to more than a hundred hate e-mails the director has received following the release of the movie.

"Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody" is a spoof of events that took place during the course of Elvis' life, as told by several fictitious friends and family members. The movie features two actors playing The King at different ages: newcomer J. Jay as the young Elvis, and Dale DaBone as the 70's Elvis.

"I grew up worshipping Elvis," DaBone said, "and to play Elvis was just a dream come true for me. Axel's movie is a spoof, like many Elvis skits on Saturday Night Live or Comedy Central. It's sad to see that some people are taking it the wrong way."

"These threats are more upsetting than scary," said Braun, who nonetheless filed a police report, "I'm actually a huge Elvis fan who just happens to write, direct and produce adult parodies, and I portrayed The King in a fun but totally respectful way. Obviously a large group of Elvis followers are elderly, church-going people, and I certainly expected them to have a negative reaction, but this is absolute insanity. Then again, the movie became a best-seller in less than a month which proves there are plenty of fans who understand my point-of-view."