XR Brands Releases CleanStream Collection of Personal Cleansing Gear

Ariana Rodriguez
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has released CleanStream, its latest full line of quality, affordable and effective enema accessories for use before, during and after anal sex play.

The CleanStream brand is a collection of 15 enema accessories ranging from disposable applicators to high-end drip bag systems, sectioned into three different economy levels — inexpensive, moderate and premium.

“Enema use is much more popular than people might want to admit; it’s a secret seller and a necessary part of our sex lives that is under-marketed and certainly underrated,” XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill said. “Aficionados of analingus, anal sex and other back-door play — everyone must clean before and after to reduce bacterial transmission. And to make a better anal experience, enema use really shouldn’t be an option.

“Why should a shopper make a separate trip to buy a bulb or enema kit? Adult retailers should be a one stop pleasure shop — stock it all in one place and make everyone’s sex lives easier!”

Merrill said he and his team were inspired to create CleanStream by a direct response from consumers over months of research compiled from sales results from national retail outlets revealed skyrocketing sales of anal-related items.

“CleanStream is a line of personal hygiene items as well as enema fetish tools marketed to the broadest demographic imaginable,” Merrill said. “Regardless of whether the shopper is bi, straight, gay, kinky or simply someone using enemas as part of a daily detox cleansing program, CleanStream has the necessary tools. We eliminated all reference to kink, douching or gender stereotypes and simply focused on the mechanics and proven results of using these devices.”

The enema and anal cleansing tools are available for order now through SexToyDistributing.com, SLS Specialty and Prerogatives distribution.

“Whether you’re looking for health benefits, more confident sex, or even exploring the erotic effects that enema use provides so many men and women, CleanStream offers the proven essentials of enema use,” Merrill said. “We are proud to bring this line to all markets and to help the planet become a cleaner place for great sex.”

For more information about the collection, visit CleanStreamGear.com.