Carlos Batts' ‘Artcore’ to Debut on Mobile

LOS ANGELES — Carlos Batts and Night Mobile have signed a deal to soon launch "Artcore's" mobile site.

“For years industry professionals have argued for and against porn being an art form," said JC, vice president of development at Night Mobile.

"Now that argument has been put to rest with 'Artcore,' a true mixture of art and porn. We are extremely excited to be involved in this cutting edge film. We recognize the significance of being, yet again at forefront of delivering new and exciting adult content. Together with Hotmovies we hope we can give 'Artcore' the exposure it deserves”.

"Artcore" documents a diverse range of sexual expression from body image and gender identity to fetishes and role playing and stars April Flores.

“Everyone has a mobile device, people around the world are spending more time with there devices than in front of a television screen," Batts said.

"Applications are being made daily as well as new mobile handsets like iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and other smart phones. This is a great way to introduce the best of April Flores in a whole new medium. People can watch our films while in flight, in a club or the privacy of their homes. It’s a very progressive way to showcase the films."

Details of the launch will be published soon.