Kaytel Wins $2.2M Judgment in Breach of Contract Suit

Kat Khan
LOS ANGELES — Montreal-based Kaytel Video Distribution has won a $2.27 million judgment in its breach of contract suit against Sineplex Entertainment.

The ruling, issued Jan. 19 in Los Angeles Superior Court, allows Kaytel to now pursue Sineplex officials individually in court.

“We got everything we wanted with this judgment,” Kaytel President Alain Elmaleh said. “We had a contract with this company and they violated it.”

Kaytel sued Sineplex last year claiming the company violated its exclusive distribution contract. In the suit, Kaytel cited Sineplex for breach of contract, the illegal sale of licenses it owned and sought the reimbursement of monies owed.

A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 31 on a motion to amend the suit to include fraud.

Sineplex is known for such titles as “Chasin’ Tail,” “Bella’s Perversions,” “Hardcore Climax” and a variety of others.