Holio Owner Launches XTV.com

Gretchen Gallen
LAS VEGAS, Nevada – XBiz caught up with David Koenig, the owner of interactive content provider Holio.net, and his newly launched venture, XTV.com, a webmaster affiliate program and hotel-based adult network.

Sharing an island with Holio and another recent launch, DVDs For A Buck, Koenig took a moment on the busy floor of Internext to describe his recent foray into creating an adult entertainment network, which so far has caught on like wildfire.

“It’s television on the net and it’s all about simplicity,” Koenig told XBiz. “It’s exactly what people are used to doing on the Internet, except they can do it sitting on their couch. Everything is genre-based, simple, and easy to use. It’s the same interface they’re used to and they will feel right at home.”

The basis of Koenig’s concept behind XTV provides an Internet-based offering to webmasters, and a set-top box offering to hotel venues looking to enhance their entertainment selection to guests.

The first option is a pay-per-view network that Koenig is shopping around to a large number of Vegas-based hotels and includes a set-top box that plays 50 channels of adult content 24/7.

The content provided through the entire XTV network includes more than 8,000 titles, including exclusive content licensing deals with Holio.

Under the terms of the agreement, the hotel would purchase individual set-top boxes to access the XTV network. After a hotel user has experienced the service, they are issued a name and password when they check out that can be continued on after their departure from the hotel into their own home environment.

At that point, the relationship changes between XTV and the hotel into more of an affiliate program, where XTV pays the hotel for every off-location referral to the XTV network, and XTV is guaranteed a steady flow of new subscribers.

The other option is completely web-based, according to Koenig, and is being offered as a webmaster affiliate program that mirrors the hotel offering, only it enables individual users to buy into the XTV network, which includes a remote control and a wireless adapter that transmits XTV.com directly into the user's home via a computer.

According to Koenig, XTV.com was a domain name he reserved eight years ago around the time he founded Holio.net, but he hadn’t figured out how to put it to use. At the time, it wasn’t possible to offer television-quality content over the Internet.

A nationwide rollout is expected to happen through a variety of cable companies Koenig is currently in talks with, with an official launch set for mid-January. Additionally, a monthly fee will be announced in the coming weeks that could range from between $19.95 and $29.95.

Koenig recently launched DVDs For A Buck, a webmaster affiliate program that is the first-ever $1.00 adult DVD club.