Lavender Lounge Releases Vintage Gay Kink Movie

Bob Johnson
SAN FRANCISCO — Lavender Lounge Studios announced the release of historic gay erotica "Vintage Bareback: Underground Kink Vol. 1" on DVD and PPV.

According to the company, the film includes extremely rare footage of deviant sex acts that was lost tand only recently found on 8mm film stored in unmarked boxes.

The studio said, "Experience kinky gay sex from a period before the phrase 'safe, sane and consensual' was coined. Witness experimental S&M and bondage techniques with crude, hand-made sexual devices invented by evil geniuses."

The film contains three distinct "deviate segments" including hardware devices, cowboys in leather and a "self-suck" demo.

Originally shot on film for XXX theaters nearly 40 years ago, the movie is part of a gay film preservation project with hardcore pre-condom loops from the '70's digitally enhanced and color-corrected.

According to the company only a small run of 8mm copies were distributed discretely through mail order.

"As a consumer product, the 8mm and Super 8 format never achieved a fraction of the impact of VHS or DVD, so this rare footage is truly a treasure," the studio maintained.

The full length DVD is available for retail and wholesale through PornTeam and on the AEBN network.