Treasure Island Title Is AEBN's Most-Watched Gay Film of 2010

Lyla Katz
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — has reported that Treasure Island Media's film "The 1000 Load Fuck" is the most-watched gay film on AEBN for 2010.

According to AEBN, the film broke records when it debuted last summer.

The title had the best performing opening month of any film in the company's 11-year history. In doing so, it replaced another T.I.M. title, "What I Can't See 2," and continued to gain momentum over the course of 2010.

"It's no surprise that 'The 1000 Load Fuck' is our most watched title of 2010," AEBN's Chris Baker said.

"Treasure Island films are explosively popular across our network and this movie was highly anticipated. It made such an impression that no other title had a chance to catch it," he said.

"Breaking our own record was a hard-earned goal — one that we're proud of and that we're aiming for again," said Matt Mason, Treasure Island's general manager.

"We're currently working on this year's big release, 'What I Can't See 3,' the follow-up to former record-holder 'What I Can't See 2.'"

"What I Can't See 3" is produced by Ryan Sullivan and will include his documentary "Island."

The "1000 Load Fuck" is available exclusively for VOD through AEBN.