Direct Advantage Re-releases Original One-Touch Bullet

SAN FRANCISCO — Direct Advantage (D.A.V.E) has re-released the original One-Touch bullet following customer demand.

“Direct Advantage was the originator of the One-Touch bullet many years ago, but as time has gone the influx of imitators has caused the quality to plummet,” D.A.V.E. CEO Bob Wolf said.

“To combat this we found a new factory and implemented a new, more stringent quality assurance process with everyone on the manufacturing end in the know.”

The company said the original One-Touch bullet was available in a simple clear bag to lower price, but with competition on the store shelf and aesthetic appeal playing major factors on the retail end, D.A.V.E. has released each petite vibrator in a hermetically sealed foil package.

“The plastic bag did nothing to enhance the product’s image on both the wholesale and retail ends so we embarked on a more effective package design that ensures the product’s quality — and it certainly highlights the new One Touch’s lustrous chrome finish,” Wolf said.

Each One Touch bullet comes with three batteries and operates powerfully at a single speed even fully submerged.

One Touch bullets wholesale for $3.25 with a MSRP of $8.99.