GVA-TWN Named Happy Endings Exclusive Distributor

Ariana Rodriguez
CLEVELAND — Adult distributor GVA-TWN has announced that it has secured exclusive distribution of locally produced Happy Endings Orgasmically Organic Massage Oil.

“At Happy Endings, we’ve created a product that we can be really proud of and stand behind,” said Scott Anderson, creator and owner of Happy Endings Oils. “We appreciate that GVA recognizes that and we’re confident that our partnership will be a prosperous one.”

Happy Endings Orgasmically Organic Massage Oil is available in three scents: Original, Pound Cake and Cherry Pie.

Happy Endings Original Massage Oil is an unscented blend of pharmaceutical-grade apricot kernel, sweet almond, hemp seed, jojoba, rose hip and Shea butter oils. It contains no cheap filler oils, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose or other chemical products, which makes it non-irritating, safe for everyday use.

“GVA could not be more excited to partner with another Cleveland company to bring such high-quality product to the marketplace,” said Scott Bowman, Operations Manager at GVA-TWN. “Our customers count on us to select the best that’s out there. Happy Endings’ commitment to quality is paramount, and we appreciate that.”

For sales, call (800) 321-9858, or email sales@gva-twn.com.