ARS Offers Debit Card

XBIZ Staff Writers

Premier pay-for-performance affiliate marketing company Advertising Revenue Service (ARS), has announced that Transcom Media, Inc., has made its pre-paid debit MasterCard available for ARS webmasters to promote, with a $50 affiliate payout for each card sold.

“The Discreet Prepaid MasterCard is the only card consumers will need for private purchases on and off the Web,” said Jeff Pearson, president at Transcom Media, Inc. “This is the perfect card for individuals who wish to keep their purchases private because no statement is ever sent to their home or office. The adult industry now has a card targeted to its market.”

Pearson added, “Webmasters who have a subscription-based website get an additional advantage from offering Discreet Prepaid MasterCard because customers who use it are unable to charge back their purchases. Simply put, the money you make is the money you keep.”

Consumers are guaranteed 100 percent acceptance when applying for the card; with no credit or job verification checks performed and no bank account information is required. The card is accepted by merchants and ATM machines worldwide and can be used to privately purchase online movies, adult products, online membership subscriptions, hotel reservations, car rentals and more.

“Webmasters will get great conversions on the Discreet Prepaid MasterCard,” said John Valigorsky, vice president of marketing and customer relations, adding “There's 100 percent acceptance for the consumer and all transactions are private and secure. Plus, the card can be easily reloaded online.”

Transcom Media, Inc., formed TCM Card Services when it purchased Pearson Financial Group, a ten-year-old company providing credit card processing services to more than 25,000 businesses nationwide.

Las Vegas-based Advertising Revenue Service (ARS) is a pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network. Founded as Adult Revenue Service in 1996, the network was opened in 3Q 2003 to mainstream advertisers and publishers. The success of ARS is based on its commitment to providing unparalleled benefits to publishers, including weekly payouts, health insurance, a rewards program, and personalized 24/7 support. ARS offers marketers access to some of the most effective affiliate webmasters on the Internet today. ARS is a product of Innovative Ideas International, Ltd.

Webmasters can promote the Discreet Prepaid MasterCard by joining ARS at their website.