Pacific Sun Becomes U.S. Distributor for Spritzz

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pacific Sun Entertainment has announced that it will be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Spritzz, a European gay content provider.

Spritzz, which recently won a HustlaBall Award for one of its newest releases, started in 2006 with its first release, "Million Dollar Boy."

"Spritzz prides itself on high production values, unusual locations and the ability to present fresh talent," the company said.

"The Spritzz line focuses on youthful skater types while the subline Kallamacka features slightly rougher sex and more edgy models."

The company's latest release, "Sperm Factory" hits streets in February along with Kallamacka's new release "Dominant Invaders."

Spritzz and Kallamacka plan to have one new release every month.