Exquisite Films Releases 'Justice League' Promotional Posters

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — A series of promotional posters from Exquisite Films’ “The Justice League XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody” are now available online.

“The Justice League XXX” is scheduled to release on DVD March 1.

The posters include Superman (Rocco Reed), Wonder Woman (Chanel Preston), Lex Luthor (Tom Byron), The Penguin (Ron Jeremy), Catwoman (Roxanne Hall) and more.

Each poster features one of the XXX heroes or villains in a full-length pose with an artistic background.

The company said more characters will be introduced in the second volume of “The Justice League XXX."

“As the posters show, we packed every character you can think of into the first and second volumes of ‘The Justice League XXX,'" Exquisite Films owner Jerry said.

"We set out to make movies that captured the fun nature of the comics and ‘Super Friends’ show, but add the wild sex everyone has always wanted to see. We accomplished that and more.”

To download the hi-res posters from “The Justice League XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody," click here.