Coquette Releases Main Collection 2011 Online Catalog

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette’s newest Main Collection 2011 catalog is now available for download on the company website.

More images are available of Coquette’s complete collection of catalogs once logged in on the website’s Downloads section.

According to the company, it is taking a new direction in 2011 by having a stronger web presence through their website and various social media platforms, including Facebook.

“With the fantastic new garments we are introducing in our 2011 Main Collection, and the superb quality of our hard copy catalogs, it only makes sense for Coquette to become more interactive online,” said Marcus Horea, Coquette’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Not only will our online catalogs allow us to have a more prominent online presence, but it really gives us the opportunity to be a leader in environmental responsibility as we become a more paperless society.”

Coquette said that the 2011 Main Collection will soon be available as an interactive catalog.

“The interactive catalogs are great because they show the detail that goes into our garments and also makes us more accessible to the public,” Horea said.

Coquette’s website is currently undergoing a makeover. The company said that its new site would incorporate the new visual branding of the Coquette logo and packaging, along with more interactive elements. Functionally, the website will include new links and features to ensure navigation ease for users.