Wasteland, SpiceCash Nominated for 3 XBIZ Awards

BOSTON — Wasteland’s SpiceCash has received three nominations for the 2011 XBIZ Awards.

The nominations include Progressive Web Company of the Year (Wasteland), Specialty Affiliate Program of the Year (SpiceCash.com) and Specialty Site of the Year (Wasteland.com).

“I am delighted that we’ve been recognized with three XBIZ Award nominations this year,” Wasteland/Spicecash CEO Colin Rowntree said.

“We have continued to work hard to innovate, and to use Wasteland's experience in creating evocative content, cutting-edge marketing and technology, and our 16 years of success to continue to be a cornerstone in this ever-changing industry as well as an ongoing standard of excellence.”

Wasteland’s SpiceCash has been delivering BDSM erotica, Asian erotica and women's erotica through a variety of specialty paysites since 1996.

“At this point, I've pretty much ‘seen it all’ in trends, cookie cutter content and brand creation, gimmicks, and smoke and mirrors in online adult,” Rowntree said.

“I am very happy that Wasteland has ‘stayed the course’ over the years and continues to be where consumers eventually go and stay for compelling content that meets their needs and interests and that our work has garnered the respect of our peers with these nominations."

The company said SpiceCash offers multiple join options, from paid trials through yearly memberships and various affiliate marketing tools that include hosted galleries and embeddable FLV’s, RSS feeds, Wordpress kits and tutorials.

“While it’s always an honor to be recognized, these nominations are particularly exciting for us,” said Andrea Mata, SpiceCash’s director of business development.

“To be nominated in areas that span from site to program to company is not only the highest sort of praise but also welcome feedback, that even after 16 years, we continue to be on the right track.”