Papaya Toys Launches North American Arm

HONG KONG — Papaya Toys, manufacturer of high-end personal massagers, has announced the formation of PAPAYA Toys U.S.

“Papaya Toys is always looking for new ways to serve our customers better,” company CEO and designer Holger Theisen said. “Having our own distribution in the U.S. will help us enormously to bring new and exciting products into the market.”

Papaya Toys offers a line of massagers that’s German-engineered and manufactured in Asia. Each of Papaya Toys’ products, including the Rainbow, the Tattoo, the Candy Stick and the Turtle, is crafted from 100 percent silicone from U.S. suppliers and completely waterproof.

The Papaya Toys line is slated to launch in the U.S this month exclusively to select retailers and websites.

Papaya Toys was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Hong Kong with newly opened offices in the U.S. Designer and CEO., Holger Theisen relocated from Germany to Asia with a belief that quality is a process, not a static attribute, the company said.

More information on the Papaya Toys line is available at, and by emailing