Releases 1st Wall Calendar: 'Menology 2011'

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Fetish art photographer Boots Bryant releases his first wall calendar entitled Menology, featuring a collection of black-and-white artistic nude imagery of various men with different body types that he has photographed since 2008.

“Menology is a round up of guys I have photographed over the last few years and proves sexy comes in a lot of shapes and sizes,” Bryant said. “As someone who used to weigh 350 pounds, I learned early on that you don’t need six pack abs to be sexy. I’ve never discriminated against models with average bodies and never will.”

Most of the images in Menology 2011 feature full frontal nudity, many of which are close-up shots. Bryant said the calendar fills a specific niche for those who appreciate nature’s finest work of art.

“My calendar is for fans of masculinity and those who appreciate the penis as a work of art,” he said. “Like the majority of my work it isn’t art, it isn’t porn, it’s just my vision. I like to call my work art you can rub one out to. There is a full preview of the entire calendar for people to look through and decide if the calendar is right for them.”

Bryant is offering a free gift with purchase for those who take a photo of themselves holding the camera and posting it to his Facebook wall.

Menology 2011 is available at: and features everyday men the photographer met in the gym, on the street, online, as well as a few porn stars he photographed at legendary fetish photographer Rick Castro’s Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood, Calif.