Dreamzone to Release 'Amy Fisher Is Sex'

David Maxwell
VAN NUYS, Calif. — DreamZone Entertainment has announced the release of “Amy Fisher Is Sex," the second movie in Fisher's professional adult movie career.

Starring Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Jack Lawrence, and Johnny Castle, “Amy Fisher Is Sex ” is the follow-up to "Deep Inside Amy Fisher." It is available for pre-order here.

Fisher remarked, “I am not slowing down, I’m ready to fulfill my whole contract with Dreamzone. With a tentative six more releases coming up, it will be hard to top these first two titles. My fans are dedicated though, and sales from the first volume show there is a big market for my sex tapes.”

In the new movie, Fisher tries to spend the day with her co-stars, which fans can follow through her interviews. The goal is to showcase the intimacy that develops between Fisher and her fellow cast members.

Dreamzone said that Fisher and Gunn had such strong chemistry in "Deep Inside Amy Fisher" that he was called back for the second release.

For more information about Fisher, visitAmyFisher.com.