Castle Megastore Debuts New Look, Plans Ecommerce Site

Ariana Rodriguez
PHOENIX — Castle Megastore is in the midst of a makeover as the retail giant welcomes the New Year with a mainstream-friendly renovation to its branding and the launch of a ecommerce website for worldwide consumers.

Castle Megastore Director of Marketing Jasen Bartlett told XBIZ that the company has already begun the process of phasing out the classic Castle Megastore logo, which is now more than two decades old.

“The old logo is synonymous with ‘adult retail,’ when in reality Castle has grown to be known as a couples store and for its romance products, such as our wide array of lingerie and Liberator boutique,” Bartlett said.

“Castle Megastore has evolved so much through the years that we felt it was time to refresh the stores’ look to elevate and rebrand Castle as the modern, mainstream-friendly establishment that it’s become,” he added, noting that the new, softer logo appeals to both men and women, as well as is representative of its unisex customer base.

In addition to the new logo, Bartlett said Castle Megastore locations will be renovated with modernized interiors and exteriors that preserve its castle theme, but with a contemporary look.

In the New Year, Castle Megastore also will venture into online business with the launch of a consumer-based retail website.

“The website will feature Castle Megastore’s bestsellers — our tried and tested products,” Bartlett said. “We’re doing the legwork to provide the best products to our customers and the website will have all of our top products in a one-stop shop.”

Bartlett said that the website, which will soft-launch in about a month, will incorporate a lot of social networking, and interactivity, including streaming live product demos.