CautionWear Issues Safe Sex Challenge to Adult Studios

Bob Johnson
NASUHA, N.H. — Condom manufacturer CautionWear has issued a challenge to adult studios, offering a year’s worth of free condoms in return for a public commitment to produce U.S.-based condom-only explicit sex scenes.

The company said that it’s “Putting its money where its mouth is” concerning safe sex and safeguarding the health of performers.

CautionWear's product lines include Classic, PPE, Wild Rose, Black Ice and Iron Grip condoms and the company said it is committed to making condoms available in all venues, inclusive of the production of erotic films.

“This industry-specific offer is presented without strings: any size studio or established producer, producing any niche or genre of explicit erotic content, based in the U.S. can receive up a year’s supply of condoms for use on set. Companies who make the public commitment to safe sex on set will be honored continuously via a sustained multi-channel marketing campaign throughout 2011, online, in social media and offline through company literatureand promotional materials,” the company stated.

Anatoli Baranov, president of CautionWear Condoms said, “CautionWear Corporation is 100 percent committed to the message of safe sex, in any venue, at any time. That includes the actors and actresses in the erotica business."

He added, " While we firmly believe that individuals always retain the right to choose to use condoms or not, CautionWear is determined that removing cost barriers for U.S. production studios to safeguard their human talent via required condom use would be an effective means of spreading the word about the importance of safer sex practices overall.”

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