ThriXXX Blasts YouTube for Yanking Kinect Sex Sim Video

Bob Johnson
INNSBRUCK, Austria — A viral storm followed thriXXX’s announcement of its XBox Kinect game controller this week, so much so that cyberspace interest crashed five of the company’s 20 servers and caused YouTube to yank its demo video the same day.

And despite plenty of industry and mainstream buzz about the new development, thriXXX told XBIZ it isn’t happy about YouTube’s action.

The company said YouTube's move was hypocritical and totally subjective considering their product is animated and there’s plenty of sexually suggestive real life video still running on Google's video-sharing platform — in and outside of its restricted areas.

ThriXXX’s Brad Abram said he’s befuddled by YouTube’s policies.

“Type in 'Sweet Lesbians' on YouTube and see what you get," he said.

"Access to a page that asks if you’re over 18. Once you simply say you are you get a pretty racy and stimulating short lesbian clip. That clip is way more sexual than our virtual 3D girl was. I am sure that this hot short viewed over and over would be enough for even those under 18 to toss a load.”

Abram went on to say that despite YouTube’s stated policy, the lesbian clip has been online since Mar. 25, 2007 and has 11,505,494 views.

“Go figure what YouTube's actual rules are and how they exercise their double standards when they are feeling all righteous about appearing to enforce content control? It's kind of lame," Abram said.

Censoring 3D virtual sex is a new area that YouTube and other viral networks will need to address soon, according to Abram.

And ThriXXX isn’t done. Although the demo video can still be seen on YouTube thanks to a series of viral postings, the company said it is looking for other hosting for the trailer and/or figuring out how to post in YouTube’s restricted area, “So we can play within their so-called rules.”

Abram also pointed to suggestive "softcore" hip hop videos and performances by Lady GaGa and Rhianna that underage viewers can freely see. “It's all a blur and weird how our virtual stuff is considered much more damaging to society than any of this performance art. It's kind of a bad joke in a sad way unfortunately,” Abram said.

YouTube was contacted but did not respond to XBIZ by post time.