Enviromax Introduces ‘Extra Soft’ Prostate Cradle

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — Five years ago, Enviromax introduced the patented Prostate Cradle, an external prostate massager, and has now released a new “Extra Soft” patented version.

The Extra Soft version is an ideal prostate beginner’s toy that experts can also enjoy, the company said.

“External prostate massage is a hot topic, and the Cradle is at the center of attention,” said Adam McVay, a certified massage therapist and the product’s inventor.

Sitting on the Cradle gently stimulates the perineum area — the external area known as the male G-spot — and can be used over light clothing.

Through exercising the prostate, either solo or with a partner, the company said that the Prostate Cradle may also be used to increase sexual function.

The prostate is a muscle and a gland. It can be strengthened so that orgasmic energy extends up the spine. A detailed guide that comes with the product reveals Tantra secrets, including how to experience different types of orgasms.

The original Cradle received a positive review from Muscle & Fitness Magazine in its October 2008 issue.

While the product doesn’t require batteries to operate, the Cradle comes with bullet vibrators that may be inserted into the cushioning holes.

Enviromax products are made with patented phthalate-free, high-quality silicones.

“More pleasure and less effort; who wouldn’t want that?” says McVay.

For more information, visit: www.ProstateGspot.com.