Liberator’s ‘Home Collection’ Grows

Ariana Rodriguez
ATLANTA — Several popular Liberator intimacy products have been added to blend in flawlessly with today’s bedroom fashions in the form of stylish decorative pillows, allowing the supportive foam shapes to look at home on any bed.

Designer details such as decorative piping, luxurious Velvish material, and a choice of six fashion colors, including Aubergine, Black, Buckwheat, Espresso, Grey and Merlot, have been added. These items can now be elegantly displayed on top of the bed or used as additional furniture pieces in the master bedroom, the company said.

The Liberator Home Collection is a visionary new array of intimacy products masquerading as decorative accent pillows. Inspired by the already popular Liberator Shapes and Liberator Sex Furniture, the Décor Series provides the same positioning support as the classic shapes with added décor and appeal.

Disguised as a throw pillow, the Décor Stashé Pillow has a hidden zipper compartment with ample space to store adult toys. The pillow’s decorator flaps, held together with a fashionable ribbon tie; conceal a hidden zipper; and the interior compartment is lined with water resistant nylon to protect the outer layer, while the fluffy foam pillow protects the toys stashed inside.

The Décor Esse Chaise resembles a piece of contemporary furniture. Meant to be placed on the floor at the foot of the bed, the Décor Esse Chaise provides an ideal height and width to perform a multitude of sexual positions, all on top of supportive foam furniture with a designer machine washable cover.

The Liberator Wedge, Heart Wedge and Whirl are all original label shapes that have been modified under the Décor Series. These shapes all offer the same positioning assistance as the originals, but have been redesigned for romantic luxury.

The Décor Fascinator Throe appears to be an unassuming throw blanket placed at the foot of the bed. However, it has the same ability to keep surfaces dry as the original. Two sided and reversible, the Décor Fascinator Throe is made of silky satin and plush Velvish material.

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