Voila Fashions Introduces Modern-Day Merkin

Ariana Rodriguez
NEW YORK — Voila Fashions has introduced the Bikini Graffiti collection, a line of intimate body decorations for women.

Established in September 2009, Voila Fashions operates out of both New York and Boston and makes its official debut with Bikini Graffiti.

“Our logo ‘Voila’ is a French word playing on ‘the reveal,’ and the shape reflects our sassy and sensual product, Bikini Graffiti,” Rachel Hughes, a Voila Fashions representative, told XBIZ.

“Bikini Graffiti was brought to life due to the ever-increasing popularity amongst women to shave/wax,” Hughes said. “Like any artists, we are inspired by a blank canvas. Our idea was to create a new form of expression: a sensual piece of lingerie that was an additional surprise for someone or just for the wearer of Bikini Graffiti to exude even more sexiness. This led to our discovery and research of the Merkin, an age-old item used to cover a woman's precious lady. Using the concept of the Merkin as our departure point, Voila Fashions has created Bikini Graffiti — the 'Modern Day Merkin.'”

Similar to nipple tassels or pasties, a merkin is a decorative patch for the pubic region. Merkins, sometimes-called pubic wigs, date back to the 1400s.

Bikini Graffiti updates the look with high-quality silks, satins and furs with hypoallergenic medical grade adhesives. They come in three different styles: Party, Fur and Glamour and range in prices of $20-30 for a pair of designs (classic and landing strip.)

“Bikini Graffiti is unique and different in many ways from similar products in the market,” Hughes said. “Bikini Graffiti is for one, in essence, a merkin. There is currently no other company out there offering as an extensive line of merkins as Voila Fashions. This means that Bikini Graffiti is re-wearable and can be adhered to the body by either using one of our included hypoallergenic adhesive patches or standard eyelash glue.”

Bikini Graffiti follows the popular trend of “vajazzling,” which has been endorsed by mainstream celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“Jennifer Love Hewitt announced to the world on ‘Lopez Tonight’ that she was a practicing ‘vajazzler,” Hughes said. “The popularity of this trend gives us validation that there is a need in the market and we have unique product for them to enjoy.”

Currently only available for sale on BikiniGraffiti.com, Hughes said that the company plans to expand in 2011, including establishing a presence in retail stores and developing new designs.