Dubai Airport Officials Seize Sex Toys

Lyla Katz
DUBAI — Customs officials questioned a woman for bringing illegal sex toys into the country.

Airport officials seized the items and asked the woman to sign documents saying that she wouldn’t order such items again or face legal action.

The woman had allegedly ordered the sex toys online and tried to bring them into the country through a courier company.

Dubai customs officials said that such sex toys are prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. The officials said that bringing in sex toys is forbidden.

"Such toys are illegal here and those who bring them could face legal action," an official said.

The suspect said she was not aware that sex toys are prohibited in the country.

She also said that the website processed her order and she was not forewarned of any illegality.

A spokesman at the courier company said that sometimes people order prohibited items such as sex toys.

"In such cases we show on the baggage that it contains illicit items in the delivery country," the spokesman said.