Exquisite Multimedia Launches New Adult Studio

Lyla Katz
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Exquisite Multimedia has launched Exquisite Films, the newest studio under the company’s XXX umbrella.

The company said the goal of the new studio is to create comic-book driven parodies and erotic drama lines.

Exquisite Films is the company’s first foray into generating content geared towards capturing the interest of female consumers.

“Over the years, we’ve tapped every niche you can think of, but the focus was always on the male porn viewer,” Exquisite Multimedia owner Jerry said.

“The time has come for Exquisite to begin producing movies also appealing to the other half of the market. The sex will still be wild enough to get guys off, but the higher quality production values and aesthetics will arouse women too.”

Exquisite Films will include several sub studios, such as Extreme Comixxx. The company said the division of studios ensures special attention is paid to the consumer needs and wants associated with each genre.

“Exquisite Films is shooting our most expensive movies ever, while using the industry’s top performers and creative production talent,” Jerry said.

The company said the erotic dramas produced by Exquisite Films will employ both male and female perspectives. Extreme Comixxx requires more attention to FX and make-up, so it will utilize an in-house effects team.

“There is a huge demand for higher quality adult movies,” he said.

“Exquisite Films is positioned to double our consumer base, while producing content desirable to own. We have carefully studied the market for awhile and feel the time is right to introduce the industry to the upscale side of Exquisite.”