Tech Company Sues AEBN Over Real Touch Technology

Lyla Katz
LAS VEGAS — A technology company filed a patent suit against AEBN, the makers of the Real Touch intimacy device, claiming AEBN is infringing on its rights to use the technology.

The suit, filed by New Frontier Technologies and Hassex at U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, claims the product infringes on “method and device for interactive virtual control of sexual aids using digital computer networks.”

According to the complaint, New Frontier licensed the technology from Hassex, which claims it owns the patent.

The filing said the patent was issued in 2002 and Hassex licensed it to New Frontier in 2008.

“Defendants have contributed to the infringement, either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents, of the 268 patent by offering to sell or selling within the U.S. or importing into the U.S. the Real Touch product knowing the same to be especially made or especially adopted for use in an infringement of the 268 patent, and not a staple article or commodity of commercial suitable for substantial noninfringing use.”

The patent application is also included in the complaint.

The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction prohibiting the defendants from further making, using, selling or offering to sell the Real Touch product or any similar product, damages and attorneys fees.

An AEBN representative told XBIZ the company is aware of the complaint and will issue a statement regarding its position soon.