pjur group Supports ‘Against Forgetting’ AIDS Memorial

Ariana Rodriguez
WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — In honor of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, the pjur group has partnered with Berlinpositiv e.V. and other organizations, for a series of events and a monument to be unveiled at the Urania in Berlin on Nov. 30.

Members that consist of large companies, universities and scientific institutes, support the Urania Berlin Society building, which offers visitors educational lectures of current issues of humanities and natural sciences, panel discussions and performances, conferences, conventions and trade shows.

According to the company, the monument will be to remind visitors that HIV still exists and crosses all boundaries, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or ethnic background.

“We want to make people remember HIV is real and the risk of infection is real and want to call on everybody to help fight this virus by having safe sex and by treating those who are infected with respect,” pjur group CEO Alexander Giebel said.

pjur also is participating at the Prix De Courage gala being held on Nov. 27, which will be attended by members of the media, entertainment and political world.

The company said it also will participate in other World AIDS Day events, giving out condoms and lubricants.