Dominic Ford Launches 3D Production Services Company

Bob Johnson
NEW YORK — Gay content producer Dominic Ford announced the launch of Dominic Ford Productions, its new arm that will provide full-service 3D production to other adult companies.

The company said the new venture was created to assist other studios that are interested in producing 3D productions — a craft that requires extensive 3D filming, editing and stereography expertise — but lack the expertise or equipment.

"3D has become mainstream. While we are excited to have been the first 3D company in the all-male adult space, we know that other companies (gay and straight) are actively thinking about joining us in creating 3D adult footage. There is a high barrier to entry, however, for these companies. Even though some (mostly amateur) 3D cameras are becoming available, creating (and editing) 3D content isn't as simple as point and shoot," said Ford.

He added, “In the same way that buying an expensive paintbrush doesn't make you Picasso, buying a 3D camera doesn't make you an experienced stereographer or 3D editor. 3D is really easy to do badly, and in a way that will set the industry back. It is my hope that by providing our expertise and pro-grade equipment, we can help other companies create compelling 3D content that will help mature the 3D adult content market."

In just two years said it was the first all-male adult company to release movies in 3D, the first to release its movies (both 2D and 3D) in Full HD (1920x1080) format, and the first to have iPad and Google TV sites.

Along with the new company, Dominic Ford Productions has invested in a new main movie 3D rig that it said rivals many Hollywood movies, as well as new 3D still photo rigs.

With the new rigs, the company can achieve new video effects that it said is impossible to do with amateur camera rigs (including the new 3D cameras that are commercially available).

" We are passionate about 3D production and have no interest in being the only players in the game. We love the idea of bringing other brand's content to life with high quality eye-popping 3D production. Our new main camera rig has been used in mainstream movies, and we are excited to produce content for our clients (as well as our own brand) using this new state-of-the-art rig,” said Ford.

The company noted that its "Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls" film released this year, was the first gay adult film to be filmed almost entirely on green screen (and in 3D).

In addition to its own productions, the company said it has also produced content for this year's International Mr. Leather contest and is talking with straight, gay and lesbian production companies, including lesbian hardcore producer Juicy Pink Box.

Most recently, Dominic Ford Productions provided its 3D services to premiere gay porn brand BelAmi, joining the company in Ibiza, Spain for a soon to be released project that features some of BelAmi's most famous models in 3D.

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