Adult Industry Finally Gets A Voice in Congress

Matt O'Conner
LOS ANGELES — The Adult Freedom Foundation has announced that General Counsel Paul Cambria has been invited to testify before a Jan. 19 U.S. Senate hearing on Internet pornography.

The invitation marks a major shift in the Senate’s attitude toward the industry. Representatives from various industry groups have repeatedly been denied the opportunity to participate in hearings on the subject.

Cambria will present oral testimony and then participate in a panel discussion before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

In a letter to the AFF, Committee Chairman Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, asked Cambria to focus his testimony on “what appropriate controls might be placed on pornography on the Internet and whether there is a role that government might play.”

“I’m pleased that the committee is allowing me to appear on behalf of the Adult Entertainment Industry to present a balanced picture on this important issue,” Cambria said. “All too often in the past, Congress has heard only one side of issues involving the [adult] industry. I’m hoping my appearance will mark a turning point in allowing AFF expert witnesses to testify at future hearings.”

Cambria acknowledged the support of AFF founders and the efforts of AFF media consultant John Pauly in making this breakthrough possible.