Treasure Island Media, Max Sohl Ink Exclusive Director Deal

Bob Johnson
SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media announced today that it has signed a lifetime exclusive contract with gay director Max Sohl.

The company said the deal culminated after "a heated bidding war" with the avant-garde theater director.

Sohl's prior success with treasure Island that included directing "Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours" that broke company sales records, caught the attention of a rival production house, which approached Sohl about directing for them.

When word reached Treasure Island owner and founder Paul Morris, he summoned Sohl to San Francisco.

"I wanted him, I went after him, I got him," Morris said. "Max is the first director whose vision meshed perfectly with mine. I can't imagine Treasure Island Media without him."

The director said, "Paul Morris gave me my career. He has been my mentor and I consider him a genius. I don't know if he can walk on water, but I sure would like to see him try!"

He added, "I think porn is an art form. I have seen the future of pornography and its name is Treasure Island Media. I want nothing else than to be a part of the ongoing war against mediocrity in gay adult entertainment."

According to the company, Sohl has been documenting New York's sleaze underground since 2004 directing scenes for streaming sites and as well as 13 full-length videos.

Sohl's latest film, "Sperm Assault" has just been released and is available here.

For more information on Sohl visit The Max Sohl Porn Files.