Miles Long’s 'Phone Fucks' Showcases 'Sexting'

David Maxwell
LOS ANGELES — Veteran director Miles Long's release "Phone Fucks" from 3rd Degree Films focuses on another area of American pop culture: "Sexting" and phone sex.

The DVD, which features Kristina Rose and Kiara Diane on the box cover, is available now.

"I've been fascinated with the idea of making a movie focused on this because I see it becoming prominent in the news with young and teen America, and I've been doing it myself for years," Long said. "There's something really erotic about taking pictures of your girl while she's having sex with you, not to mention sending erotic pictures to each other before and after sex to keep things spicy!"

Long noticed he had something when the actors and actresses began really losing themselves in their roles. "I knew I had something special when all the performers really got into taking pictures and video clips of each other while the action was happening. I also found a way for my camera to capture not only the hardcore action that was going on, but also the images that the talent were capturing on their phones at the same time. That's what I think puts this movie over the top and makes it something that will stand out from the crowd."

In addition to Rose and Diane, "Phone Fucks" features performances by Amy Brooke, McKenzee Miles and Asa Akira.

Among Long's other current DVDs are "Upskirts 2" from Zero Tolerance, with McKenzee Miles on the cover.

"I don't think there's anyone who isn't turned on by the idea of looking under a hot girl's short skirt, just to see what's there," Long said.

His next release, which he just wrapped, touches on another popular niche: knee-high stockings.

"I wanted to play on the age-old fantasy of younger girls pursuing older guys and doing whatever it took to get them into bed," he said. "And I wanted to play off the typical porn setups we use by reversing them and putting the girl into the role the guys usually get."