Playboy TV Shifts to Couples-friendly Programming

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES — Playboy TV today announced plans to introduce "TV for 2," adult programming aimed primarily at couples.

The move marks Playboy's shift away from traditional porn based on a year's worth of focus group data.

The new slate of shows will consist of “high-quality series produced by Emmy award-winning producers” and will begin to roll out in January.

"Our extensive research shows that both men and women want sexy, uncensored programming they can watch together, and TV for 2 provides a safe and fun destination to do just that," said Gary Rosenson, senior VP and general manager of domestic TV for Playboy.

He added, "We believe it will establish a new genre of programming on TV, one that cracks open a window into the lives of couples to capture what relationships look like today. The ultimate benefit is to bring couples closer together."

The first new show on the "TV for 2" slate is "Brooklyn Kinda Love," a docu-reality show set to premiere on Jan.15 and produced by Joe and Harry Gantz ("Taxicab Confessions"). Playboy said the show follows the intricacies of four real couples' relationships in one of the most vibrant cities in America.

“It's real people with real stories, and completely unscripted,” Playboy said.

In a NY Times interview, Rosenson said, “This is not just a face-lift. This is a major movement away from the type of adult fare that you can easily find on the web.”

He added, “They say that every important TV niche has been filled, but I’m pretty sure we’ve found one that hasn’t.”

Other new shows for the format (airdates to be announced in 2011) include "Swing," and "Playboy's Sextreme Makeover."

"Swing," an hour-long reality series, profiles a different monogamous couple each week as they venture for the first time into alternative lifestyles, guided by a sex therapist as they explore new places within their relationship.

"Playboy's Sextreme Makeover" features couples receiving advice from a variety of experts on how to become better lovers, increase fun in the bedroom, and achieve greater intimacy with each other.

In addition, the company said its network plans to launch a new series that takes an uncensored look at celebrity relationships as told by the stars themselves, as well as additional series in the comedy and adventure genres in late 2011.