EuroMedia, Pitbull Ink Exclusive Worldwide Distro Deal

Bob Johnson
NEW YORK — EuroMedia Distribution announced today that it has signed Pitbull Productions, Inc. to an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement.

Pitbull is best known for its "in-your-face portrayals of real-life thugs," according to the company. Its model lineup runs the gamut from black men to Blatinos and has attracted such stars as Tiger Tyson and Supreme, a.k.a. Castro.

"Pitbull Productions, Inc. is the premier urban leader in today’s black and Latin gay porn industry," said Hugo Harley, EMD’s director of development.

He added, “When it comes to ‘thugporn,’ nobody delivers quite like Pitbull. We are proud to promote and distribute their Tiger Tyson, Thugporn and Blatino brands.”

The executive said that Pitbbull's star lineup and its no-holds-barred approach to filming hot thugs is sure to be one of the hottest additions to its lineup.

"We’re excited to be releasing their new films, as well as providing customers with best-selling titles from their extensive back catalog,” Harley said.

Euromedia's first Pitbull release will be “New Thug City Part 1 – Supreme’s Return” on Nov. 15.

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