Industry Vet Tod Hunter Offering Press Release Services

BURBANK, Calif. — Veteran adult-industry writer Tod Hunter is now offering press release services.

"I'm not a publicist, I'm a writer," Hunter said. "If you're making enough money to engage a full-time publicist, I know 'em all and I can advise you on who would be best for what you need.

"However, if all you need is a one-shot press release — if you're signing at a show or you got nominated for an award or you got a box cover or you're featuring in Middle-of-Nowhere, Kansas or you moved to Las Vegas or you changed your representation or you just scored a mainstream gig as 'Topless Girl At Pool Party' in a Skinemax movie — I can help you get the word out about that."

The one-time fee for each press release includes full copy approval and distribution to selected adult-industry news sources.

"I'll work with you to make sure your message gets out the way you want it," Hunter said. Hunter has worked in the adult industry as a writer and editor for various news organizations since 1997. Before joining the adult industry, Hunter worked with the Los Angeles International Film Exposition and spent 10 years working in mainstream television production, receiving two Emmy nominations for his writing.

Hunter can be contacted via email at, or by calling (818) 795-8075.