Hustler Video Announces New Parodies for 2011

David Maxwell
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — On the heels of its successful fall lineup, which includes the timely release of the "This Ain’t Two and a Half Men XXX" parody and the soon-to-be released "This Ain’t Hawaii Five-O XXX" parody, Hustler Video announced the forthcoming parody productions from its popular “This Ain’t” line.

In addition to the recently announced "This Ain’t Family Guy XXX" parody, first on the list is "This Ain’t Cougar Town XXX." The company said the spoof would be sure to feature some of the industry’s hottest MILF performers.

Hustler Video indicated that "This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX" would go into production after that.

"The original was really just a movie about getting laid anyway, so now Hustler Video is going to give you the film you’ve always wanted," the company announced.

Then Hustler will do a game-show parody as it embarks on "This Ain’t Jeopardy XXX."

"If SNL can poke fun at Alex, it’s about fucking time that Hustler Video took its own crack at it too," the company said.