Digital Playground Plans Blu-ray/DVD Combo for November Releases

Dan Miller
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground plans to release Blu-ray and standard definition DVDs in one package on a trial basis this month after considering various feedback from its clients and distributors.

The first movie with both formats in the same package is "Love & Marriage," which stars exclusive performer Kayden Kross and is available now.

"We talked to a bunch of distributors who have been hesitant to buy Blu-ray and this makes it a little less risky," said Guyleen Rose, director of marketing and public relations for Digital Playground. "For just a couple dollars more they get the Blu-ray too. And it’s more portable if you give them both because a lot of people have their Blu-ray players in their living room. They can play the standard def DVD on their laptops, DVD players or on their portable devices.

"And thirdly, it’s future-proof for your collection. You may not have a Blu-ray player now, but if you do invest in one in the future because they’re becoming more affordable, then you have the highest quality format in your library as well."

"Love & Marriage," written by new screenwriter Scarlett L., stars Kross as a woman mired in a troubled marriage who realizes her husband is cheating on her. Kross' marriage therapist is played by Manuel Ferrara, and the story unfolds from there.