ASACP Discusses RTA, Social Media Best Practices on SiN2.0

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — ASACP CEO Joan Irvine was recently featured on the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast.

The audio interview, entitled “ASACP RTA and How it Benefits You,” was conducted by SiN2.0’s J-SiN and features a discussion of the ASACP-developed Restricted to Adults (RTA) website labeling initiative; the latest news in the war against illegal child pornography; and the measures adult website operators can take to help — including the latest best practices for adult social media marketers.

“You may be asking yourself what is the RTA program and what is it intended to do? How exactly does it benefit me?” SiN2.0 President J-SiN said. “Well I am here to say we answer these questions and many more!”

Irvine discussed the ASACP membership approval and monitoring process; the growth of RTA and the vast number of web pages protected by the label; the association’s globalization initiative, which among other efforts has led to an increasing number of website translations; and other steps that ASACP is taking on behalf of the industry.

“Thanks to J-SiN, ASACP enjoyed a great opportunity to reach out to SiN2.0’s audience of adult webmasters and other industry members,” Irvine said. “Education is the first step towards responsible industry self-regulation; making media outreach an important part of our mission.

“I hope that listeners will have a better understanding of how easy it is to add RTA to their sites and why it benefits their businesses,” she added.

The interview is available here.