Penis Bandz Puts Adult Spin on Rubber Bracelet Craze

NEW YORK — The rubber bracelets that are all the rage among grade-schoolers has inspired the creation of Penis Bandz.

“Products from the Far East inspired the bandz craze for the kids market,” said Benjamin Sherman, Penis Bandz director of sales. “Being in a recession, parents were looking for an inexpensive item that their children could play with. We saw this as an opportunity to design a product that adults could have fun with too; we created Original Penis Bandz.”

Original Penis Bandz are silicone bracelets that are meant to be worn around the wrist.

“Our customers have found hundreds of other uses for them, such as wearing them in their hair, using them to flirt with a stranger, and trading them for a free beer at a bar,” Sherman told XBIZ.

According to Sherman, Penis Bandz are currently sold in hundreds of mainstream and adult stores throughout the U.S.

“When we created Original Penis Bandz, we thought they would be a great impulse item to be sold at the register,” Sherman said. “Now, we get emails and phone calls everyday about Original Penis Bandz being the highlight of the night. We read stories about teenagers and adults using Original Penis Bandz to flirt with one another at bars and clubs. And we have witnessed ourselves how Original Penis Bandz can give people something else to talk about besides Justin Bieber.

“We jumped on the idea and created Original Penis Bandz to give the market what it wanted. We're considering our options for future products, but for now, people are having so much fun with Original Penis Bandz we’re busy filling orders and spreading the love.”