Elbow Grease Introduces New Half-Gallon 'Party Pail'

SUN VALLEY, Calif. — B. Cumming Company, manufacturer of the Elbow Grease brand of personal lubricants, announced that it is now selling its line of cream lubricants in a new half-gallon Party Pail.

The Party Pail’s packaging features a big opening that is completely resealable and has a handle to facilitate carrying.

According to Elbow Grease brand specialist Greg York, said, “Customers have been asking for a half-gallon. This new packaging not only delivers on size, but is amazingly functional as well. I think it’s going to be very popular. News of the new Party Pail is barely out, and we’re already receiving orders. Anyone planning a party should stock up on these. I know I will be!”

The original Elbow Grease cream formula hit the market in 1979. Mineral-oil-based Elbow Grease is a thick, creamy lubricant designed to enhance a sensual experience. Elbow Grease creams are not latex compatible, and should only be used with polyurethane condoms.

Elbow Grease creams also comes in Light and Hot formulas. Designed for those who want a lighter, thinner feel without compromising viscosity, Elbow Grease Light is a lighter version of the Elbow Grease Original formula. Elbow Grease Hot is the same as the original cream, but with added menthol to create a tingling sensation that feels both cool and warm.

In addition to the Elbow Grease creams, B. Cumming Company also manufactures a variety of latex-friendly products, including water-based gels, Fusion Silicone Bodyglide, a complete line of vegan-certified women’s products under the Encounter brand, and a popular latex polish sold under the name Black Beauty.