Black Rayne Releases 'Dicktators Vol. 2: Booty Stretchers'

ATLANTA — Black Rayne Productions has announced the release of "Dicktators Vol. 2: Booty Stretchers," featuring hardcore, bareback, ethnic fucking.

Black Rayne produced the JRL’s Gay Award for Best Black Bareback Movie of 2010, "Breed It Raw 4 - Raw Booty Domination."

"Dicktators 2" stars fan favorites Maseo and Daddy, both from "Dicktators Vol. 1: Yo Ass Is Mine," and newcomers Hot Rod, Intrigue, Kryptonite, Jinx, Buttah, Courage, Trelle, Shadowboi, Fearless and Tigah.

The company said its next series, “What Asses Are Made Of,” is underway. This line will entail multiple cum shots and cream-pie scenes. The trailer is available at