Kanye West Suggests Screaming O for Taylor Swift

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Rapper Kanye West has gone from stealing pop country star Taylor Swift’s spotlight to offering her sex advice via AskKanye.com, where he recommended she give the Screaming O Vibrating Ring a try.

One fan asked if he’d ever used a Screaming O Vibrating Ring, his answer was no.

But faster than he could grab a microphone, West told his humble fan to send a Screaming O Vibrating Ring to someone in need and linked directly to Taylor Swift’s website:

Kanye: No. If I want to make a girl orgasm I rap on their clitty. One time I rapped a full 16 bars and the girl passed out and almost died. So now I just stick with 8.

Fan: That sounds dangerous! Let us send you a Screaming O and save someone’s life.

Kanye: Send to someone in need. I recommend this person.

“We all thought the feud was over, but either Kanye’s still got some baggage for Taylor Swift to carry or he’s reinventing himself as a sex therapist,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “Whatever it is, we’re happy to be on board. Any hot, sex — and legal — pop stars who want to have more orgasms can have their pick of our sex toys. And by the sound of Kanye’s attitude, it seems he could use a friend. Possibly even a Buddy. We know just what to send him.”